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Summary Of Changes

A comparison of the above list with either the Binet 1908 or 1911 series will
reveal many changes. On the whole, it differs somewhat more from the Binet 1911 scale
than from that of 1908. Thus, of the 49 tests below the "adult" group in the 1911 scale,
2 are eliminated and 29 are relocated. Of these, 25 are moved downward and 4 upward. The
shifts are as follows:--

Down 1 year, 18
Down 2 years, 4
Down 3 years, 2
Down 6 years, 1
Up 1 year, 3
Up 2 years, 1

Of the adult group in Binet's 1911 series 1 is eliminated, 2 are moved
up to "superior adult," and 1 is moved up to 14. Accordingly, of Binet's
entire 54 tests, we have eliminated 3 and relocated 32, leaving only 19
in the positions assigned them by Binet. The 3 eliminated are: repeating
2 digits, resisting suggestion, and "reversed triangle."

The revision is really more extensive than the above figures would
suggest, since minor changes have been made in the scoring of a great
many tests in order to make them fit better the locations assigned them.
Throughout the scale the procedure and scoring have been worked over and
made more definite with the idea of promoting uniformity. This phase of
the revision is perhaps more important than the mere relocation of
tests. Also, the addition of numerous tests in the upper ranges of the
scale affects very considerably the mental ages above the level of
10 or 11 years.

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