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Repeating Four Digits

PROCEDURE. Say: "_Now, listen. I am going to say over some numbers and
after I am through, I want you to say them exactly like I do. Listen
closely and get them just right--4-7-3-9._" Same with 2-8-5-4 and
7-2-6-1. The examiner should consume nearly four seconds in pronouncing
each series, and should practice in advance until this speed can be
closely approximated. If the child refuses to respond, the first series
may be repeated as often as may be necessary to prove an attempt, but
_success with a series which has been re-read may not be counted_. The
second and third series may be pronounced but once.

SCORING. Passed if the child repeats correctly, _after a single reading,
one series out of the three_ series given. The order must be correct.

REMARKS. The test of repeating four digits was not included by Binet in
the scale and seems not to have been used by any of the Binet workers.
It is passed by about three fourths of our 4-year-olds.

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