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Alternative Tests: Repeating Seven Digits

This time, as in year X, only two series are given, one of which must be
repeated without error. The two series are: 2-1-8-3-4-3-9 and
9-7-2-8-4-7-5. Note that in none of the tests of repeating digits is it
permissible to warn the subject of the number to be given.

REMARKS. Binet originally placed this test in year XII, giving three
trials, but later moved it to year XV. Goddard and Kuhlmann retain it in
year XII. Our data show that when three trials are given the test is too
easy for year XIV, but that it fits this age when only two trials are
allowed; that after the age of 12 or 14 years memory for relatively
meaningless material, like digits or nonsense syllables, improves but
little; and that above this level it does not correlate very closely
with intelligence.

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