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Alternative Test 1: Naming The Months

PROCEDURE. Simply ask the subject to "_name all the months of the
year_." Do not start him off by naming one month; give no look of
approval or disapproval as the months are being named, and make no
suggestions or comments of any kind.

When the months have been named, we "check up" the performance by
asking: "_What month comes before April?_" "_What month comes before
July?_" "_What month comes before November?_"

SCORING. Passed if the months are named in about _fifteen or twenty
seconds with no more than one error_ of omission, repetition, or
displacement, and if _two out of the three check questions_ are answered
correctly. Disregard place of beginning.

REMARKS. Some are inclined to consider this test of little value,
because of its supposed dependence on accidental training. With this
opinion we cannot fully agree. The arguments already given in favor of
the retention of naming the days of the week (year VII), apply equally
well in the present case. It has been shown, however, that age, apart
from intelligence, does have some effect on the ability to name the
months. Defective adults of 9-year intelligence do about as well with it
as normal children of 10-year intelligence.

The test appears in year X of Binet's 1908 scale and in year IX of the
1911 revision. Goddard places it correctly in year IX, while Kuhlmann
and Bobertag have omitted it.

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