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Material For Use In Testing

It is strongly recommended that in testing by the Stanford revision the regular
Stanford record booklets be used. These are so arranged as to make testing accurate,
rapid, and convenient. They contain square, diamond, round field, vocabulary list,
fables, sentences, digits, and selections for memory tests, the reading
selection barred for scoring, the dissected sentences, arithmetical
problems, etc. One is required for each child tested.

This is all the material required for the use of the Stanford revision,
except the five weights for IX, 2, and V, 1, and the Healy-Fernald
Construction Puzzle for X. These may be purchased of C. H. Stoelting &
Co., 3037 Carroll Avenue, Chicago. It is not necessary, however, to have
the weights and the Construction Puzzle, as the presence of one or
more alternative tests in each year makes it possible to substitute
other tests instead of those requiring these materials. This saves
considerable expense. Apart from these, which may either be made at home
(see pages 278, 279) or dispensed with, the only necessary equipment for
using the Stanford revision is a copy of this book with the accompanying
set of printed matter, and the record booklets. The record booklets are
supplied only in packages of 25.

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